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"The Sound of Poems," audio tape to accompany Worlds Into Words (Palo Alto: Kelson

Enterprises, 1978)




"Twentieth Century British and American Poetry: Yeats, Eliot, Thomas, Crane, Stevens,

Roethke" (18 fifty-minute black and white videotape lectures; Stanford, 1977)


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videotape lectures; Stanford, 1981)


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series produced by the Stanford Alumni Association with the Stanford Department of

English, 1993)


Pilot series, Cover to Cover: Conversations with Writers about Reading. Two 26-minute videos

produced by The Stanford Channeland televised over Channel 51, spring/summer 1999:


“Life Writing,” Diane Middlebrook in conversation about memoirs and biographies, with

Arnold Rampersad and Tobias Wolff

“Literary Prizes,” Diane Middlebrook in conversation aboud Ted Hughes’s

Birthday Letters, with Eavan Boland and Nicholas Jenkins



Finding the Girlfriends: The Biographer as Investigative Journalist (A Multimedia

Showcase), designed and programmed with Jay Dempster at the University of

Warwick, England, August 1995. (Prepared for presentation at the conference “Literary

Journalism and Literary Scholarship,” sponsored by the Department of English at the

University of Warwick, 3 November 1995)




A book about the literary career of the English poet Ted Hughes, to be published by

Viking / Putnam, 2003


Ovid. A biography of the Roman poet Ovid, to be published by Viking / Putnam, 2008


The Stanford Book Salon, a web-based book group hosted by DM and sponsored by the Stanford

Alumni Association. Scheduled to begin 1 January 2003.





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Theron Rockwell Field Prize for doctoral dissertation, Yale, 1968

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